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Playlist 11.08.2018

  1. The Sea and Cake - Lyric (from: "The Moonlight Butterfly")
  2. Mary Margaret O'Hara - Year In Song (from: "Miss America")
  3. Ice Baths - Relic (from: "Ice Baths")
  4. The Internet - Come Over (from: "Hive Mind")
  5. Betty Davis - Don't Call Her No Tramp (from: "They Say I'm Different")
  6. Helena Hauff - Hyper-Intelligent Genetically Enriched Cyborg (from: "Quaim")
  7. Herbie Hancock - Sly (from: "Head Hunters")
  8. Ellen Allien - Alles Sehen (from: "Berlinette")
  9. Factory Floor - Heart of Data (from: "Heart of Data")
  10. Angélique Kidjo - Born Under Punches (from: "Remain in Light")
  11. Yasuaki Shimizu - Kakashi (from: "Kakashi")

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