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Playlist 12.01.2019

  1. Cameron Graves - Fixing a Hole (from: "Impressions of Pepper")
  2. Buzzcocks - Everybody's Happy Nowadays (from: "Singles Going Steady")
  3. The Pscychedelic Furs - India (from: "The Psychedelic Furs")
  4. Dead Man Ray - The Ladder (from: "Een")
  5. Snapped Ankles - Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin (from: "Snapped Ankles")
  6. Vanligt Folk - (Orkestern Spelar) Hör oss Svea (from: "Hambo")
  7. Charlotte De Witte - The Healer (from: "The Healer")
  8. Shadowax - I Don't Want To Be A Stewardess (from: "Don’t You Mess with Cupid, 'cause Cupid Ain’t Stupid")
  9. Kalden Bess - Mignight Train (from "Extravaganza Addicted 3")
  10. Tierra Wack - Black Nails (from "Tierra Wack")
  11. Tierra Wack - Bugs Life (from "Tierra Wack")
  12. Tierra Wack - Flea Market (from "Tierra Wack")
  13. Tierra Wack - Cable Guy (from "Tierra Wack")
  14. Tierra Wack - 4 Wings (from "Tierra Wack")
  15. Tierra Wack - Hookers (from "Tierra Wack")
  16. Tierra Wack - Hungry Hippo (from "Tierra Wack")

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