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Playlist 25.10.2014

1. Moby Grape - Hey Grandma (uit: "Moby Grape")
2. Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Fire (uit: "Press Color")
3. Flaming Lips & Fwends - Good Morning Good Morning (uit: "With A Little Help From My Fwens")
4. Peaking Lights - New Grrrls (ui:t "Cosmic Logic")
5. Eternal Tapestry - Karma Repair Kit (uit: "Guru Overload")
6. Museum Of Love - Learned Helplessness In Rats (uit: "Museum Of Love")
7. LFO - Shut Down (uit: "Advance")
8. Tony Allen - African Man (uit: "Film Of Life")
9. Camera - Parhelion (uit: "Remember I was Carbon Dioxide")